Watercraft Insurance

The Advantages of Florida Watercraft Insurance

W atercraft insurance is an insurance policy that not only covers boats but personal watercraft with motors such as; sailboats, leisure crafts, yachts, paddle boats, and pontoon boats as well. Watercraft insurance usually doesn’t cover canoes, kayaks, rowboats or personal watercrafts such as jet skis. A personal watercraft is known as a motorboat less than 16 feet that is not powered by propellers. Investing in a Florida watercraft insurance policy will allow you to enjoy a relaxing day on the water without the fear of you or a passenger being injured and not having coverage. Florida being a coast state, typically will be faced with higher deductibles as the risk of storm damage is higher. Burrowes Insurance will help you determine what type of coverage you will need, depending on the following factors.

Your Watercraft’s Value:

Depending on how much the watercraft you own costs, it will allow your agent to determine what type of coverage you qualify for.

Where Your Watercraft is Stored:

In the event of a hurricane or strong storm, you should be available to move your vessel to a safer place. The price of your insurance may also be impacted whether or not you are a full time or part-time Florida, resident.

The Size of Your Watercraft and What Type of Vessel it is.

Even though watercraft insurance for boaters in Florida is not a requirement, it is something to deeply consider. Being a boat owner in a state surrounded by water with risks of possible accidents and/or injuries is enough justification to get the security you need. Now that you understand more about the advantages of Florida watercraft insurance, you are probably ready to find the right coverage for you.

The content on this website is for informational purposes only and may not be applicable to all situations. Coverage subject to terms, conditions, and availability. Policy issuance is subject to qualifications. Please refer to your insurance policy for full details about your coverages.

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