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Commercial Truck Insurance

C ommercial trucks create great business for the United States as they transport many goods and services, keeping our economy intact. However, with all the mileage driven there is a heightened risk of collisions or other accidents for not only the truck drivers themselves but others as well. A commercial truck insurance will protect the profession that you may have spent years cultivating, no matter the type of commercial vehicle you drive. Our agents at Burrowes Insurance are dedicated to helping you through the process of protecting the livelihood you have created through these types of vehicles. We evaluate your business as well as the risk factors that go along with it to determine the perfect plan for you.

Insurance Requirements for Truck Owners

Throughout the nation, truck drivers are required to attain a certain amount of truck insurance. Due to the impending risk factors of owning a commercial truck such as; collision accidents or injuring yourself or others, the amount of coverage you will need depends on what type of commercial truck you own as well as where you haul it. Here at Burrowes Insurance, we are aware that many commercial truck drivers will be leaving the state of Florida therefore, we offer coverages nationwide. Our agents will assist you in determining the correct policy plan for you and your commercial truck business.

The following are truck insurance coverage available to you:

Liability Insurance

Every commercial truck on the road should have liability coverage to protect your biggest asset – your business. Liability insurance protects your commercial trucking business in the event that there is a claim made against you or one of your drivers, that could potentially be at fault.

Cargo Insurance

The long haul of items can arise in damaged articles due to multiple factors such as; temperature damage, collisions and more. Cargo insurance may help cover the costs of damages to items that you are delivering. With cargo insurance, you can travel knowing that even if an unfortunate accident occurs, you have insurance coverage to help protect your cargo load in the event of a loss.

Comprehensive and Collision Insurance

Due to unlimited amounts of hours on the road, truck drivers face various threats from natural disasters such as; fire, hail and floods to accidents and thefts. Comprehensive and collision insurance policies may help cover the costs of damages from such instances. Burrowes Insurance understands that your commercial truck is your livelihood which is why we work with you to provide you with coverage that matches your described needs.

Commercial Truck Insurance is on the Rise

The price of commercial truck insurance has been steadily on the rise with business owners seeing their rates increase as much as 20-30%. Here at Burrowes Insurance, we competitively challenge other rates to provide you with the comfort of knowing you are protecting your business, on your budget. Now that you understand a bit more about the benefits of withholding a truck insurance policy, you are ready to get your plan started.

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