Umbrella Insurance

The Facts on Florida Umbrella Insurance

Lawsuits are awarding more sums of money than ever before therefore if someone is injured on your property or you injure someone else, you could be faced with a considerable amount of money for their injuries. Florida umbrella insurance is designed to help guard you and your family from lawsuits like these, as well as other claims. When other policies fail to protect you, Burrowes Insurance umbrella insurance plan is there to back you up. Umbrella insurance reduces your risk of having to withdraw money from your investment funds, savings, or earnings because it takes the extra step to cover a wide variety of cases so that you are legally secure in the event of an incident or accident.

What is Covered Under a Florida Umbrella Insurance Policy?

Florida umbrella insurance policies benefit you by protecting liabilities and incidents such as damages you are responsible for, incidents that occurred on your property as well as claims for medical bills.

The following includes a list of added protection(s) that is informative to consider when choosing to obtain a Florida umbrella insurance policy.

Settlement Cases

If you are at fault during a court case, umbrella insurance can help you cover fees and settlements that you may have to pay.

Claims in Regard to Property Damage

While umbrella insurance does not compensate for damages that occurred to your property, it may help cover the fees of another person’s damaged property.

Another Persons’ Injuries

If you are at fault for another person’s injuries, umbrella insurance may help aid in coverage costs for any additional expenses on such claims.

Slander Cases

In the instance of cases regarding defamation, slander or libel, an umbrella policy may cover fees and settlements that you might be entitled to pay.

Worldwide Incidents

If you were away from your home during the time a claim is made against you, umbrella insurance can help you cover expenses that you may have to pay during that time.

False Imprisonment and/or Arrest

In the event of false imprisonment and/or arrest, an umbrella insurance policy might cover fees you are entitled to.

Securing yourself and others from an unfortunate accident can potentially save you if not hundreds, thousands of dollars. When other liability insurance policies do not provide you with adequate limits for the protection of you and your family, an umbrella insurance policy can come to your defense and help provide another layer of coverage with higher limits. Now that you understand a bit more about the benefits of withholding a Florida umbrella insurance policy, you are ready to get your plan started.

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