Flood Insurance

Be Prepared with Florida Flood Insurance

H urricane season can wreak havoc among Floridians because a storm powerful enough, can potentially cause extensive damages to your home and the contents in it. Storm repairs cost if not hundreds, thousands of dollars. Flood insurance can provide coverage if a storm causes damages to your home. Even in a coastal state like Florida, flood damage is not typically covered under your home policy. The importance of obtaining Florida flood insurance lies in the impending risk of flooding due to the state’s geography and the risk of major storms. Depending on where your home is located, flood insurance can be required under your mortgage. Make sure to choose a policy that protects a wide range of areas so that your home is covered.

Coverage Provided by Florida Flood Insurance

When disaster strikes, Florida flood insurance policyholders are covered for claims in regards to damages to their home, even if a disaster is not federally declared. It is important that you consider Florida flood insurance coverage as seeking out options like federal assistant loans will have to be repaid, in addition to the damage on your property as well as your mortgage. Coverage provided by Florida flood insurance will take on reimbursements for the loss due to flood damage both through building coverage and contents coverage, as explained below.

Building Coverage

Extensive amounts of water inside of your home as a result of heavy rain and winds can ultimately cause irreplaceable damage to the inside and outside of your home. Building coverage covers the cost of physical damages to your home such as flooring and siding damage.

Contents Coverage

Your personal belongings such as furniture and electronics are at risk if a storm causes flooding. Contents coverage will pay for damages to your belongings in your home if they are ruined.

When to Seek Flood Insurance

Florida flood insurance policies typically take 30 days after purchase to take effect. If you attempt to purchase coverage after a storm has already been announced and you experience damage to your home, you will not be insured. Flood insurance should be purchased as soon as possible for the policyholder to see any effects of coverage. Now that you understand a bit more about the benefits of withholding a Florida flood insurance policy, you are ready to get your plan started.

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